8 Things Guys Prefer To Lie About On Their Dating Profiles

What can a profile tell you about the guy on a dating site?

Is he ready for a committed relationship, does he have unhealthy habits, is he reliable at all? – you can find answers to these questions by reading the hints on his profile. Check out these things that guys hide on their dating profiles.

Things He Is Hiding On His Dating Profile

You might have been told multiple times not to judge a book by its cover when it comes to dating. However, that’s not the same for dating online. Men often lie about themselves on the Internet. They may omit the truth on a dating site, but a lie by omission is still a lie.

What does his dating profile hide? How to spot him lying? What does he imply by certain phrases in his self-descriptions? Mail-order-bride.com site experts shed light on how men lure women using their online dating profiles.

Hiding his intentions

One of the first things a guy would hide on his dating profile is his intentions. Many men want a simple hookup, casual sex, friendship with benefits or whatever they call it, but that’s not what most women are seeking (a serious relationship or marriage).

That’s why guys would rather say:

  • I’m romantic
  • I’m affectionate
  • I’m looking for an open-minded woman
  • I love cuddling
  • I don’t like labels
  • I’m looking for a female friend

…When they want a one-night stand rather than revealing they aren’t interested in a long-term relationship.

Hiding his attitude

Attitude towards women, sex and relationships is another thing a guy may try to hide on a profile:

  • Instead of saying: I prefer sex without condoms he would say: I’m adventurous.
  • Instead of saying: I’m sexist, lazy and I want a woman to cook for me and do all the chores—a guy will say: I’m looking for a traditional and caring woman who can cook.

Hiding his age

Some men may lie about their age in the dating profile to look good for their non-actual age. Others don’t fill the age field at all. Beware if you’re 21 and the guy texting you says he’s 28-ish. He might be 35+ as well.

Hiding his job

White-collars, low-skilled or jobless men tend to lie about their job the most. Usually, they would pretend to be entrepreneurs, IT-geeks or even CEOs just because they want to impress women. If there’s something fishy about his job, pay attention to other details when you meet – his dressing style, colleagues, place of work, etc.

Hiding his financial status

Many men believe in the stereotype that they can «buy» a woman by showing off with their money and material things. If he reveals in his profile he earns plenty of «bucks» and if he posts selfies near expensive cars – run away. He’s most likely to have none.

Silence is the sound of money talking, so those guys who’re rich indeed would never let others know how much they possess.

Hiding his education

Trying to impress women, a guy may also lie about his education. If he wrote in his profile that he graduated from a prestigious university (not necessarily from the Ivy League), but he doesn’t know the difference between “there�, “they’re�, and “their�, or if he constantly misuses «does» and «do» – dump him.

Another red flag for you can be this line in his profile: I’m not a fan of books.

Hiding his body shape & height

2-3 inches taller, a few pounds lighter – men would also lie in their profiles to feel more confident hitting on women online. They might be posting old photos of them in a good shape or only selfies in the case now they have a beer belly:

  • If he writes I’m fit and athletic – he might not be lying, he might be implying that once upon a time he indeed used to be so.

Hiding his habits

Guys want to look like superheroes in the eyes of women, but for some reason instead of quitting unhealthy habits they… would rather lie about them:

  • I love to hang out with my friends on Saturday night and I love to have fun could mean he goes to pubs and drinks regularly.
  • I love my mom’s food or I’m gourmet implies he may have an eating disorder and a generally unhealthy lifestyle.
  • I’m a big fan of Bob Marley – maybe he’s a fan of marijuana and if that’s something you’re not into. If so, it’s a good idea to talk about drug use.

Sure, not everyone is that insincere online. Yet, many guys lie and pretend to be somebody else to impress women, to get their attention easily. But you, ladies, have to learn how to read between the lines if you don’t want to be hooked. Watch out!

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash