You Need to Be Rejected (6 Reasons Why)

Rejection stings. And depending on the burn level, it can be a quick pang or a lingering pain that doesn’t seem to go away. It may not be what you want, but sometimes, it’s just what you need. Welcome it. Yep. With open arms.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to embrace rejection. 

To Advance Your League 

Call it natural selection, survival to the fittest, whether it be a job or school application, or your dating life, competition is imminent. Rejection sets barriers from those who can elevate and those who do not. 

This could mean that someone exceeds you physically, intellectually, socially, financially, or even, spiritually. If you are getting rejected, that means you’re pushing barriers. You’re flirting with different levels. Take from that person of caliber- exposure And insight, then move on, and prepare for your next shot. 

To Wake Up 

Sometimes it takes that heaping serve of painful rejection mixed with heartbreak, soaked in self-deprecation, and sprinkled with insecurity…To awaken. And change yourself. For good. 

To Seek Internal Validation 

It’s very easy to nitpick the gory details of a break-up, a fight, or remnants of that last conversation on Wednesday 3.AM. last February. It’s tempting to play the “What-if� game. Rejection nips you in the a**. Hard. And you can either sit on those thoughts.

or you can remember you still have sweet fine a** and a bad one. 

To Grow 

Maybe you’re a player. You go on dates like how people go on a shopping spree- addictive and novelty-seeking (Guilty). Or maybe, you don’t. You get rejected very often. Either way, rejection is a stringent motivation to Develop your outlook and approach to dating. You need to humble it down if you want to win the heart of someone genuine. Alternatively, charm it up goody-two-shoes. 

To Escape 

The statement that rejection is a blessing shouldn’t be underestimated. “You’re the best thing I never had.â€� “I’m the best thing you never had.â€� Can’t sum it up more unequivocally than Beyonce. 

To Accept 

Humans want to be loved. But they also. Want to love themselves. Fight for the love of yourself as much as of others. Then it becomes a win-win-win. 

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