Ways To Take You From Stuck To On A ‘Staycation’ This Memorial Day Weekend

From Alexa on our Style Me Pretty sales team!

The term staycation is also sometimes known as a holistay, is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within one’s home and does not require overnight accommodations.

Although you may be thinking, “why is this cheesy term for a low-budget vacation relevant at a time like this? With the lack of physical social contact occurring due to this viral outbreak, folks are looking inwards to their spouses, parents, siblings, children, extended or chosen family and close friends for comfort.

In addition, many are looking to improve their life in one way or another during this time. Whether it be their physical or mental health, hygiene, a home improvement, a closet revamp or a new package or subscription to look forward to. In times of despair we all look for ways to find hope and maintain a sense of positivity.

None of us can honestly say we aren’t dying jet away, germ-free, to some faraway beach where COVID-19 doesn’t exist to sip on a pina colada (or seven) right now but figuring out how to make yourself and your loved ones more comfortable at home right now can be (almost) as rewarding—plus much more realistic and practical. Taking a vacation at home isn’t easy, though, especially with the news on TV.

So a staycation must be done so intentionally. Adding a little more structure into the week and considering a few staycation ideas with your special someone, or your kids (who are going crazy at this point if they’re anything like ours!), can help ease the time away from school, work and other usual responsibilities you have on your plate.

A staycation, if done right, could feel rejuvenating, and leave you ready to head back out to the world! What makes a great staycation? It depends on what you want to gain from your time at home! Family bonding time? Home organization? Improved personal physical or mental health? An updated wardrobe? An improved beauty routine? A cozier home? Try these staycation products or ideas and consider how you can make some work at home.

Most importantly, commit to unplugging and indulging as much as possible!

1. Drive-In Movie Marathon

Can’t go to the movie theatre? Bring the movie theatre to you! Grab a sheet and your favorite series and take your adventure outside. You have the luxury of unending popcorn, multiple movies and you can almost guarantee that the seats are going to be more comfortable.

2. Backyard Camping Trip

A popular pass-time when the weather gets good is to go camping. Well, many of the parks are just in their first phases of opening up, or are closed altogether, but there’s something special about recreating the experience in your own back yard. Some might say it’s a right of passage.

3. Family Sports Tournament

We understandably missed out on many, many sporting events this season — so undoubtedly there’s a competitive edge urge that needs to be fulfilled in many families! Couldn’t watch the Masters? Set up a put-put course in your backyard! There are so many different games that you can play as a family and make it fun.

4. Make Your Own Tropical Oasis

No pool, no problem. The name of the game is alleviating heat, and there are many ways you can do that! From slip-in-slides to mini pools, you just need a hose and a good imagination! And a good cocktail.

5. At-Home Spa Day

Pamper yourself, you need it. Three days of unplugging from work mean three days to take care of YOU. This has been a tough time, no doubt about it, so taking care of yourself has never been more important. Use these three days to fully indulge in doing what makes you feel rejuvenated!

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