Online Dating Guide – 5 Criteria For Choosing the Best Free Online Dating Site

February 11, 2013 Off By jason

There is just a plethora of free online dating websites on the Internet, that it may be quite confusing to find out which one will suit you best. Many years back, nearly all of these websites ask for a joining fee, or may let you try the site for a few days, then will start charging you if you want to continue with the service. Now that the field has become so competitive, there are also websites that offer their services for free.

When choosing the best free online dating site for you, you may want to look for the site that fit with the following criteria:

1. Niche Dating

Some of the free online dating sites have kept up with the times, and have realized that their site can be more useful by targeting a particular niche (or group) who will benefit from their service. Examples are sites for single, for divorced, for seniors, etc. You will benefit more if you join dating sites that are more specialized, so that you can easily connect with people who have the same interests as you.

2. Online Privacy

Only go for sites where you can fill up your profile without paying anything. This is a good way to test dating websites, without paying a penny. Make sure you read the terms of use, before you sign up. You would want to be sure that your information will not be sold to anyone, in exchange of using the site for free.

3. Online Features

Several of these sites are now trying to keep up with the popularity of social networks, and thus, are also offering other means of communication such as email, real time chats, photo and video uploading and even instant messaging. Compare what these sites have to offer, and choose the one that has the most number of online features that you can enjoy.

4, Filtering Contacts

You would also want to have the option of blocking people whom you think are abusive, or with whom you just don’t want to hear from. An online dating site that has this feature will be great, because you can control whom you can connect with.

5. Online Guide

There are some websites that have blogs, as well, where you can find some information related to online dating. Blogs will help you know more if online dating is really for you, and this is the place where you can also find useful tips such as what to do on your first offline date, how to write your profile, what to expect from online dating, etc.

Online dating can be fun and can open up opportunities for you for friendship and romance. Just make sure that you choose the best free online dating site that can really help you find what you are looking for.