The 20 Best Dating Articles We Read In November 2014

The 20 Best Dating Articles We Read In November 2014

December 5, 2014 0 By jason
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Happy December! It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year! Before we dive headfirst into December and all the holiday goodness it has to offer, let’s take a minute to appreciate the best dating articles we read in November.

1. Chances are you’ll be watching Love Actually many times this winter, I know I will! But have you ever thought how different Love Actually would be if it were made today? Hilarious. (Cosmopolitan UK)

2. Tis the season for overindulgence and eating ourselves into a coma! Fun, right? Here are some great tips on how to stay healthy and sexy this holiday season. (PattiKnows)

3. Meeting the parents for the first time this holiday season? You’ll want to make a great first impression–here is how! (Huffington Post UK Lifestyle)

4. Breaking up is hard to do, even when you’re breaking up with a total loser. These 40 emotional stages of breaking up with a dickhead are all too true. (Cosmopolitan UK)

5. Online Dating during the holidays comes with it’s own set of challenges. Here are some great tips on how to manage your anxiety when dating this time of year. (Cyber Dating Expert)

6. Is he marriage material? Turns out there are some striking differences between the man you date and the man you marry. (Thought Catalog)

7. Turns out that there might be an answer why our relationships just aren’t working out–it’s in our genes! Research shows that some people’s genes are wired to feel more happy when in a long-term relationship. (Metro UK)

8. Well, it’s officially Break-Up season! So pump up this Ultimate Breakup Playlist and get your groove on. (Marie Claire)

9. This article encompasses my two favorite things in this world–cheese and love. Here’s what your favorite cheese says about your love life…beware, swiss lovers! (Bustle)

10. We always say things like “Dating is hard”…but in actuality, it really shouldn’t be that hard. Here is why. (Life With Lauren)

11. Five things you think about Lesbian relationship that simply aren’t true at all. (Elite Daily)

12. Use these 58 online dating fails as a master “what not to do” list. (Ask Men)

13. Are you sticking your toes back in the dating waters after a break-up? Here are some great tips on how to conquer your first date after a relationship has ended. (Laura Yates)

14. In this sixty second throwdown, two fashion editors select the perfect first date ensemble! (Refinery29)

15. 15 men reveal how they really feel about online dating, and some of it ain’t pretty! (YourTango)

16. Here’s how to increase the amount of blow-jobs you receive by 50% this year! Yes, seriously. (The GayUK)

17. Londoners, have you ever wondered just how busy your neighbors are getting? We’ve determined the 25 sexiest neighborhoods in London. (Metro UK)

18. This basically explains exactly what falling in love is like. Awww. (Buzzfeed)

19. Are you over fifty and struggling to find Mr. Right? Here are 10 tips from women just like you who have found love as a mature dater. (Find a Quality Man)

20. Pack your bags, ladies! These are the 15 best cities for single women in the US! (

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